Louis Riel Vigil

Our Hero
Sign for Louis Riel Day 2010
2010 Year of the Metis
Riel lives forever
Poster made for Riel Vigil 2010
Showing pride
Riel Walk 2009
Speakers at the Louis Riel Day vigil
Riel Vigil 2010
Remembering Riel
Proud to be Metis!
Lining the streets on Louis Riel Day
Community members out for the Riel Walk
Getting ready for the walk
Members make posters for Louis Riel Day
Posters made for Riel Walk 2009
Posters for Riel Walk 2009
News and Events


RRMC # 34 strives for transparent and accountable governance. We meet these goals through strict adherence to our terms of reference, our ethical policy and our by-laws. Click here to see our by-laws. Click here to see the last AGM minutes. Click here to see the President's Message.

Volunteer Opportunities

Do you have a special talent or skill? The RRMC # 34 is always looking for volunteers for upcoming events. If you are willing to help out contact us by emailing the president at: president@rielmetiscouncil.ca

We look forward to working with you.

In the News

Supreme Court ruling: article

A tribute to Harry Daniels, who fought for Metis unclisiong:  article